At Willowbrook, we LOVE kids! That’s not just something we say; it’s something we do. We invest in the spiritual lives of our children and their families by providing outstanding facilities and a well-trained staff. We are passionate about safety, and have a secure check-in system. Our age appropriate programs are engaging as well as inspiring for young minds to grow in faith.

Preschool Information

Birth through 2 years

Noah’s Nursery facilitates care for ages birth through two years old. Your little ones are precious to us and great care is taken to maintain a clean and secure environment for them in the following ways:

All staff wear clean smocks and shoe covers and change for each shift. Frequent handwashing is stressed and waterless hand sanitizers are supplied in each room. When a baby occupies a bed, sheets are changed and the bed is cleaned before another child can occupy the crib. All “touch surfaces” and all toys in the younger preschool area are completely disinfected after all services. Health policies posted outside each door are strictly enforced. Anyone who is ill, appears ill, or has been ill in the last 24 hours should not serve in the nursery. Any child who is sick or has fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or any contagious illness will not be accepted into a preschool room.

A national background check is run on each volunteer after they fill out their volunteer application. Willowbrook utilizes the Parent Pager system to ensure secure check-in/check-out procedures. All parents of bed babies are required to check out a pager from their child’s classroom; other preschoolers’ parents may check out a pager upon request at any Parent Pager check-in computer station. A video security system is installed in every preschool room, allowing parents to view their child without the child seeing them. Parents may check the monitors at any time.

Nursery Staff
Paid coordinators oversee the care of children in the baby rooms (bed babies through crawling/beginning walkers). They work along-side our volunteers to ensure consistency in care and procedures.

All babies’ diapers are changed during each service hour or more often if needed. Every baby is changed on clean, disposable paper on the changing table. All diaper-changing facilities are located in the front of the room in full view for security. All nursery staff wear gloves when changing diapers and wash their hands and use hand sanitizers before changing another baby.

2 years through kindergarten

Noah’s Adventure Park facilitates care for preschoolers age 3 through Kindergarten.

Preschool Sunday School
The Preschool Ministry serves children from birth through kindergarten. Sunday school classes are offered at 9:15 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. Children are taught the love of Jesus through Bible stories, songs, and learning activities. Only nursery is provided for the 8:00 a.m. service.

Kid’s Church
This exciting experience is offered to kindergarten and first grade children at 9:15 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. to prepare children for worship & sermons in the santurary. Kid’s Church is taught by a team of dedicated workers who desire to see children develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Using the Tru curriculum, which is a fun and interactive digital curriculum with audio and video clips, slides and videos throughout the lesson and lots of hands on learning.

Wednesdays in Preschool
Our Mission Friends and Preschool Choir classes currently rotate on a semester schedule. Music is offered on Wednesday nights from 5:45 – 7:15 p.m. in the fall, corresponding to the school system. Mission Friends is offered at the same time in the spring.

Summer Fun Day Camp
Your preschooler can enjoy one full week of fun and activities for preschoolers in July. Look for dates, information and registration on-line in May.

Our team

Bethany Donham (ext. 137)
Director of Preschool Ministries

Carol Searles (ext. 122)
Assistant Director of Preschool Ministries

Julie Kelton (ext. 126)
Preschool Assistant

Genia Miller (ext. 143)
Kid’s Church Director

We need your help!

Preschool Ministries is a great place to plug in with the whole family! Many of our teachers are in the same room as their own children, but it’s not required. We have opportunities to serve with babies up to Kindergarten and Kid’s church. Each applicant must fill out a back ground check with references and be willing to serve in a classroom at least one hour a month. Lessons and curriculum are prepared ahead by staff members, so there is very little prep work for you. You just get to come and share Jesus with some sweet kiddos! How great is that?! For more information on serving with us at our Huntsville campus please email Bethany Donham at