Weddings at Willowbrook

We are honored that you have chosen Willowbrook Baptist Church to begin your new lives together. We believe that marriage is an institution ordained by God. Our Pastors perform a Christian wedding ceremony as a significant and joyful act of Christian worship. Willowbrook wishes to extend every courtesy to members who desire to use its facilities for weddings. We will do all that we can to help make your marriage ceremony a meaningful service of worship and personal commitment.

We ask that you follow these guidelines to schedule a wedding at Willowbrook:

  • Marriage and Wedding Policy
  • Willowbrook requires that the Bride and Groom are members of Willowbrook and complete the Marriage counseling classes prior to the wedding date.
  • Refer to Willowbrook’s Wedding Policies and Procedures
  • Schedule a meeting with our facilitator who will assist you with your wedding arrangements at the church. She will schedule a meeting with you, give you a tour of the church facilities, and answer any questions regarding usage fees, music requirements, vendor policies, and access to the facility.
  • Complete the Application, Usage Fees and Marriage Counseling forms and turn in along with your $250 deposit check to reserve a place on the church calendar.

For information or questions about Weddings at Willowbrook, please contact our Wedding Coordinator, Melissa Belcher at 256-883-0907, ext. 146 or email

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