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Senior Adult Ministry Information

An overview

The goal of Mature Adult People (M.A.P.) Ministries is to encourage, Middle Adults (Boomers), Senior Adults, Elder Adults, Sandwich Generation, Full-Time Employed, Part-Time Employed, Newly Retired, or Just Plain Tired to continue to grow in their spiritual lives and to find new areas of service within the church and community as they move through changes in their aging process.

Willowbrook Mature Adult People Ministry (M.A.P.) is here to help meet the spiritual needs of every adult 55 and above. This is accomplished as they give of themselves to Bible study, fellowship, outreach (local missions as well as mission trips) and serving others in need.

We offer you a place to belong and a place where you can contribute and find significance in life. Through being involved, you will experience supportive, fulfilling friendships with other mature adults as well as be an example to the younger generation.


• Possess valuable life experiences that can be of great benefit to young believers.

• Can be examples of God’s sustaining grace through the hardships and trials of life’s journey.

• Can be a source of encouragement and support for each other as they face physical and emotional trials as they mature.

• Recognize there is no retirement from God’s Service

Ways to get involved

• Sunday School Classes/Educational Seminars

• “By His Hands” (Handy men and women offering household repairs for widows, the elderly and deployed service men’s wives)

• Keenagers (Fun, Food & Fellowship – A place to laugh and let your hair down)

• Men’s Breakfast (1st Tuesday of the Month – A place for men to connect)

• Golf Cart Driving (Sunday Mornings)

• Mending Hearts (Ministry to Widows)

• Ministry to the Home Centered (Visitation, meals, etc)

• Ministry Teams to Assisted Living Homes

• Grief Ministry Care

• Adventure and Excursion Trips

• Mission Trips

• Hospital Visitation

The Calendar 2017

January 9: Music with Millie Bonham (pot luck)

January 23: Disaster Relief

February 13: Richard Powers (history/artifacts/etc.)

March 15: Eagles Botanical Gardens

March 27: Huntsville Hospital Nutrition and Nutritious Food Comparisons

April 10: Something FUN! FUN! FUN! (To Be Announced)

April 24: Jim Spann, NASA/Creation

May 8: To Be Announced

June: Picnic (Date To Be Announced)

June 15: Charles Billingsly Concert (6:30pm)

For more information on any of the above events, contact Pastor Doug.

He'd love to hear from you.

Doug Merchant (ext. 155)

Minister to Mature Adults