The Main Event

The Main Event

Huntsville & Madison Campuses

time 5:30 pm

July 28, 2017


July 29, 2017

mainevent17God is not looking for men who are deemed successful, impressive, or even good by the world’s standards. He’s looking for ordinary men who are willing to go all in. Are you willing to go all in for Christ?  Join thousands of brothers in Christ as worship and teaching from notable Christian speakers encourages, challenges, and equips you to live an extraordinary life for God.

Featured Speakers: Kurt Warner, Darryl Strawberry, Russel D. Moore, Rick Burgess, J.D. Greear, The Benham Brothers, Robby Gallaty, Eric Geiger, Jack Barsky, Brad Stine

Worship Leader: Tim Timmons


Register for the conference on your own, but let us know you’re going so you can attend with other men from Willowbrook.