Freshman & Parent Lunch

Freshman & Parent Lunch

Huntsville Campus - Student Outbuilding

time 12:00 pm

August 20, 2017


“New Kids on the Block” is a free lunch for HS freshmen and their parents. It will serve as a time for Justin, Wayne and other youth leaders to share a meal together with our new students and parents. Attendees will also hear a great word about keeping freshmen plugged in over the next 4 crucial years of high school. There will also be give-aways and some random silliness that you won’t want to miss!

Just come on over at 12p after worship service or small group time. This is a free event, however we ask for you to register in order to have your food hot and ready. Due to limited space and the nature of this event, we are hosting only freshmen students and their parent(s). However, we would like make it easy for you to attend. If you have a conflict and need to bring your entire family please contact us and we will be glad to try and accommodate you given space is available.

For more information contact Justin Bedingfield at or Wendy Wofford

You can also check this out over on the Student Ministry site by clicking here.